Ieper Salient

If you wish to discover the Western front during several days, it is possible discover some sites in Belgium. We start the tour in Lille at the railway station, visit trenches, mine craters, memorials and cemeteries. The evening highlight will be the Last Post ceremony, than overnight stay in the town centre of Ieper, before we continue the visit in France the next day.


9 h 

Lille, Messines, Kemmel, Passendaele, Ieper

Only in combination with 2 day-tour

If you would like to include a museum in or around Ieper, you have to count 2 extra hours.


2 h 


At Ramparts military Cemetery C: B. Belvalette
At Ramparts military Cemetery C: B. Belvalette
Irish Peace Tower
Irish Peace Tower

If you are looking for an accomodation:

Hortensia B&B

Michaël & Véronique

Rijselsestraat 196

8900 Ieper



A 2 minute walk from Ramparts Military Cemetery and 10 minutes walk from Menin Gate