City tours

During your trip on the battlefields you want perhaps to learn more about the town where you stay. You can integrate the following cities in your program :

Town of the Golden Virgin


Only three miles away from some of the most important WWI sites, Albert has been completely reconstructed. During your tour you discover the Art Deco Style, the ideas of town planners in the 1920s, you will see the former public baths, the train station, the public garden with its waterfall and you enter into the Basilica that became famous because of the Leaning Virgin.

During the opening hours of the tourist office and with correct weather conditions you  can reach the top of the Basilica tower (109 steps) and overview the Somme battlefields (+2€/p). You can add a visit in the Museum of the battle if the Somme.


60 or 90 minutes

Wheeping angel's home


During the war the town was the base for troup tranport and short leave. Threatened during the last spring offensive it is another miracle that the worlds biggest gothic cathedral was not destroyed. Soldiers entered to see the wheeping angel and spendt their free evening in the streets of Amiens.

During your tour you will hear about the roman creation of the town, see some of the preserved buildings of former centuries, discover the students quarter and see the Somme river. Between April and November you can also decide to do a boat tour in the floating gardens (+6€/p).

For your lunch I recommend you a pic-nic in the Saint Pierre Parc or one of the restaurants along the Somme river.


90-120 minutes

boat tour 45 minutes

During the the 800 year celebrations of the cathedral in Amiens my guided tour for individuals talks about the cathedral but also John Ruskin and the beginning of cultural tourism in the 19th century.


1 h

6 €

BOOK via Tourist Office

The doll house


You will find it hard to see which facade has been preserved and which one reapired after the War, but with trained eyes it will become possible. Apart the two large squares you will admire and imagine the soldiers' presence and their surprise to find a complete house with only the facade touched, you can discover the town hall (Belfry acces via lift+40 steps + 3,10€/p) see the theatre, the cathedral and the former abbey transformed into museum. In one of the narrow streets you find also the home of Robespierre.

If you wish to continue the battlefield tour I recommend you to visit the Wellington Quarries (+7,5€/p), the tours are guided with audioguides in English language.


90 minutes

+Wellington Quarries 75 minutes (+transport)

+Belfry tower 45 min

Town of Stone


This would be a possible translation for Peronne - fortified already during the Merovingean kings. The medieval aspect hast not yet diappeard with the castle - rebuilt after the Great War. Other centuries and events have left their stories in the town that you cross during a walk along the water and the fortifications. The tour starts at the Museum of the Great War.


90 minutes

+museum 120 minutes (9,50€/p)

Capital of Northern France


TIf you arrive with the Eurostar a longer stop is always worth in this city. You will admire the Flemish style, the night life and the numerous cultural events in Lille. A walk through the green loung around the citadelle is just a few minutes away from the town centre full of life. During my tour I talk about the many different souvereigns that changed the face of Lille and show you the strange cathedrale with an astonishing Western facade.

The town is also a good place to take off direction Flanders battlefields. Trains leave to Arras, Albert and Amiens.


120-150 minutes